Women In Tech Webinar Series

Maximize your online presence and draw in a passionate audience with our forthcoming “Women in Tech Webinar Series.” Organised by She Learns Here initiative for skills empowerment, this series is an embodiment of our dedication to empowering women and girls by equipping them with essential digital skills and technological knowledge to enhance their personal and professional lives.

We proudly champion this cause through training and targeted advocacy, and the webinar series stands as a key pillar of this commitment. Beginning on November 17th, we will host a lineup of inspiring women who have carved a niche for themselves in the tech industry. Coming from diverse backgrounds, these women made the leap into tech from other fields or pursued technology studies academically. They will share their transformative journeys, offering insights and motivation to encourage an influx of women and girls to explore and secure tech-related roles.

The illuminating dialogues will unfold on our Instagram page, serving as a beacon for those looking to dive into the tech realm. Haven’t joined our Instagram community yet? Follow us [here] to stay updated. We urge you to spread the word among the women you cherish.

Anticipate enriching experiences and transformative knowledge – we are excited to have you as part of our audience for the Women in Tech Webinar Series.

See you there!

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