What\’s your online business strategy?

​How to have Zero followed yet thousands of sales 2 :

What\’s your battle plan? 

Running a business especially online is like fighting  a war ( believe it or not) and going anywhere to fight a battle without a strategy is like a plan for failure.

What\’s your goal for being online? Don\’t make the mistake of thinking we all have the same goals. No we don\’t!

Some people want to be Social media influencers, some people want to brand themselves as experts in a field so they can get jobs, speaking engagements, some people just want to sell shoes and bags, or groceries. If the goals are different, don\’t you think the strategy should be different too?

In our Instagram/Facebook content calendar, (you can get that through the link in bio), it is clearly written that suggestions in it are general. The onus falls on you as the Business owner to either book a personal consultation session (link in bio) or sit down to work out what works for you best. 

For example we have 3 post ideas daily. If that frequency won\’t work for you, why not pick one and make sure it\’s very relevant to your business and goals?

After setting your goals, you need to know your target (discussed earlier), and then where they are online.

You would be doing yourself a great Injustice if your clients are on LinkedIn and you are crying over not having Instagram followers. .

So how do you know where your customers are? Research, put yourself in their shoes, if you were them, what would you be interested in online and where would you go to find it?

Remember, the primary aim of people coming on social media is not to buy stuff.

 If you still can\’t wrap your mind around it, or you need professional help, just go to www.shelearnshere.com to book a Digital strategy session.


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