What To Do When Shadow Banned On Instagram

If you notice that your post engagement recently dropped without an explanation, you may be undergoing what people have termed Shadow ban.

According to Von Glinow of HuffPost, Shadowbanning is an effort from Instagram to make the platform a safer and less spammy place. The main goal of this new implementation is to deter brands from using popular hashtags to bombard users with posts that don\’t actually correlate to the images or videos they\’re sharing.

Using third party applications like those which promise likes and comments canalso be a red flag.

According to triberr.com, these are options you can consider if you believe that you have been shadowbanned on Instagram.

While there\’s no perfect answer, you can try to correct your mistakes and ensure compliance with Instagram\’s rules. Here are a few steps to take if your posts are shadowbanned:

Delete hashtags from the shadowbanned post(s). Avoid the use of too many hashtags, repetitive hashtag sets, or banned hashtags.

Disconnect third party apps that may have resulted in the shadowban, especially bots or automation software that violate Instagram\’s terms of service.

Correct any post images or captions, or remove anything that can be perceived as spam or flagged by others.

Refrain from any Instagram activity for the next 2 – 3 days. This includes posting, commenting, and liking. Just take a break and go outside!

Convert to a business account if you\’re using Instagram for business-related or promotional purposes. Otherwise, convert to a personal account.

Report your shadowban to Instagram if you believe your account has been inadvertently impacted

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