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This is a brief recap of the talk by Olubunmi Fajuyigbe the Initiator of She Learns Here at the encounter women’s retreat of Global harvest Church held last weekend at the #redemptioncamp. 

“Streetwise women: Excelling in business and career with #technology: Positioning

Texts: Isaiah 60: 1-3 Mark 4:21-22 Ruth 2:1-9 

Opportunities abound. But #opportunities are drawn to energy and energy in turn, produced by desire. 

Do you desire progress? Apply your energy by positioning yourself for progress. Ruth “went out” to glean. She positioned herself for success. 

With technology, it become easier to position ourselves for business or career growth. Using social media, search tools, moocs, video tutorials and live training. 

How can you position yourself for opportunities and growth?

1. Know your need/goal: what’s your goal for getting online? What’s your need? – New job, more sales, becoming a voice, brand awareness? 

2. Know your crowd: Who is your target? Develop a customer persona 

3. know their language, speak their language 

4. Know their location online. Where are you most likely to get the most engagement from them? 

5. Know their needs 

6. Know your onions: learn, know something about everything and know everything about something. 

Some Websites to learn from:

7. Solve the problem they are willing and able to pay for.

8. Be intentional

9. Be consistent

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