Get more from Social media

The social media landscape is so competitive these days. There’s so much to do and to learn, it actually can get overwhelming for a female entrepreneur who has other responsibilities.  It’s best to maximise whatever time and resources you have allocated to boosting your business online.  

You might want to answer this question: What do you hope to achieve with your online presence?

Take a look at your profile now. Will what you are doing help you achieve that goal?

Also,  do you look around and wonder how people create those beautiful picture posts on their profiles? Do you just go to google and pick any picture for your profile not knowing whether it’s copyrighted, Creative Commons or free for private and commercial use?

We can help with a goal setting consultation session where we discuss your business goals and how to translate those goals into your social media posts.  Then you get a bonus of 10 facebook or instagram ready picture posts with your own images or free for use images we will get on your behalf. 

If after the consultation you want to know more,  you can also sign up for a design class for non Techy female entrepreneurs using different apps that can be downloaded to and used from your Android or IOS devices.

Interested, please fill the form below and follow other instructions.


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