Our Programs


Girls in Digital technology is a training and mentoring program where we introduce young women to digital marketing so that they can start new careers in the field.


Digital Skills Accelerator is a 6 course digital skills and marketing training using the UNIDO HP-LIFE entrepreneurship training program modules where we teach business owners IT skills necessary to promote their businesses online.


Business and Digital Skills Workshop are quarterly webinars that highlight a particular digital skill necessary for Business and career growth.


WithCollaborations for learning, we work with organisations and groups to train their communities on digital skills and digital marketing.


Frequently asked questions about our programs.

Not anymore! BDSW, DSA and GIDT are now all online.

This is our desire, but sometimes we have to charge a minimal fee for administrative expenses as these programs are currently funded out of pocket and through small, one-off donations from friends and family.

No. We we will train you and guide you through the steps required but the result you will get is dependent on the work you put in.

We partner with organisations who have communities interested in learning digital skills and digital marketing.