Peter Drucker Essay contest 2018

Since the late Middle Ages, the notion of the “Renaissance Man” has celebrated those people who are well-rounded, broadly knowledgeable and capable across the arts and the sciences, and able to approach problems holistically. This year marks the five hundredth year since the passing of the world’s most famous Renaissance Man: Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian polymath who simultaneously excelled as scientist, engineer, writer, artist, and musician.

Today, highly educated people tend more toward specialization, but in settings that still encourage cross-disciplinary thinking, people are more likely to Challenge outdated assumptions and conventions of thought and behavior,Explore and discover new realms of artistic, physical, and intellectual achievement, andDevelop different and broader visions of themselves.


A cash prize of € 1,000 (to be given at awards ceremony)

Free participation and waived registration fee(regular fee +/- € 2,000) for the 11th Global Peter Drucker Forum to be held in Vienna on November 21-22, 2019 at the Imperial Palace (Hofburg) (including conference bag and brochure, buffet lunches, and coffee breaks at the conference venue)

Funding of travel expenses: As a winner, your international travel and accommodation costs for attending the Forum will be reimbursed based on our travel process & policy. If you need visa to travel to Austria, we will advise early travel arrangements.

Invitation to pre-conference eventson November 20: Drucker Challenge Get-Together at Kabarett Simpl (with partner) and Speakers Reception at House of Industry (with partner). Networking events with buffets.

Invitation to the Young Generation Luncheon events at Hofburg (hosted by one of our prominent speakers)

Invitation to the Gala event on November 21 with seated dinner and awards ceremony (with partner)

Opportunity to network with top management thinkers and practitioners during coffee breaks

Certificate with ranking

Ranking list and publication of essay on this website

Invitation to join the exclusive Drucker Challenge Alumni Community on social media networks

One-year-all-access subscription to the Harvard Business Review

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