Network marketing class with Lynda Iheanachor 

Lynda is a network marketing professional whose success story has a lot to do with Social media.  She was graceful enough to share some of the tips that made her rise easy in a live instagram class on Shelearnshere handle.  

Here are some of the tips she shared. 

1. Be yourself : Whether you are in a network marketing business or not,  it’s important to be yourself when promoting your business.  Don’t try to be who you are not. 

2. When searching for a network marketing company to partner with,  pick a company whose products or services you are  passionate about. This will make it easy to sell the ideas to others. 

3. Sell a lifestyle. How can what you are offering down lines benefit them and improve their lives?  Will it make them save towards retirement,  live better,  have enough to quit their jobs while living at the same or a better standard of living? 

4. Showcase success stories.  Whether yours or those of others ahead of you.  

Everyone agreed that we learnt a lot even though network was erratic.  Our next class holds this Thursday,  20th July at 8:30pm and is tagged “building a solid legal foundation for your business ” By Barrister Deron Fagbure,  CEO of In black and white. 

Don’t miss it! 

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