Mind to mind initiative

About the Initiative

Mind To Mind Initiative is an organization set up with a primary purpose of changing and empowering the lives of young people. We believe that for any society to be transformed, there must first be a transformation in the minds of its citizens, hence our motto is “Change Begins In The Mind”. We are passionate about improving the social, economic, political, and technological situation of Africa by encouraging youths and women to erase negative thought patterns and employ their minds for productive purposes. In our bid towards achieving this purpose, we have organized various events which include workshops, youth leadership conferences and other interactive events with students in a few Nigeria tertiary educational institutions as a platform for encouraging economic empowerment amongst them.

Our Vision

To raise leaders who, through character, integrity, ingenuity and no-excuse spirit, will impact their world positively and leave behind good legacies.

Our Mission

To create platforms where future leaders can be inspired, Motivated, and mentored for greatness

Our Target Audience

All youths between the ages of 18-35.

Why This Age Group?

Why This Age Group? More than 70% of the over 250 million Nigerian people lie within this age group. They therefore constitute the human capital potential of our great country. Unfortunately, however their contributions to societal development and meager when compared to their innate potentials. As a result, many of them have become burdensome to their families, and indeed the nation at large.

The Challenge

Many factors have contributed to the suppressing of the potentials of the Nigerian youth. Some of these include:

1. Poverty and Unemployment.

2. Lack of education.

3. Bad leadership example.

4. Lack of mentorship.

5. Abuse by leaders who engage them in crime and terrorism.

The Outcome

There is a large population of youth involved with crime, illegal drugs, militancy, prostitution, cultism, terrorism, and many other wrong vices. Instead of producing leaders- the shrewd, the resourceful, the innovative, the hopeful, and the industrious – we are producing miscreants – the disaffected and dejected, the misdirected, the unlearned, the angry, the wronged, the agitated, and the hopeless.

Our Response

We are out to actively engage the youths in all forms of positive and productive endeavous through the provision of platforms where character, integrity, and other noble values will be passed on to them. We are achieving this by

1. Organizing seminars where youths can be inspired by good role models.

2. Campaigning for the couse of good education ( both formal and informal ).

3. Encouraging positive and impactful interactive platforms amongst youths.

4. Creating platforms for employment opportunitves.

5. Promoting entrepreneurship through skill acquisition programmes.

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