Member spotlight : Janet Alalade-Daisy Jane cakes n more

Please introduce yourself 

My name is Janet Alalade, the CEO of Daisy Jane cakes n more. 

What prompted you to become an entrepreneur? 

 My passion did. I don’t like idleness and wanted to keep my hands busy (having multiple streams of income). Also I wanted to be an employer of labour, giving back to my society and impacting lives. And as to the Event sector, I wanted to stand out by rendering quality event services and making sure there’s a deep joy and satisfaction in the faces of clients.

How has the journey of entrepreneurship been so far? Tell us about your challenges and triumphs. 

Hmmmn…. Well its been  good, interesting, and eye opening. I have learnt sooooo much, to be better, to tackle challenges, communication skills (relating to different caliber of people) and also work under pressure. I‘ve had the privilege to train over 35people. We’ve been able to handle jobs and event outside our state of residents. 

Challenges: One of our challenges has been reaching out to the number of clients we want. We are still working on that and we know we would get there and beyond.

Another is relocation, since I’m married to a blessed and wonderful man, I have to migrate as he migrates #lol. So the process of rebuilding the business in a new location and getting new clients and customers, making the brand known has been serious work and a challenge.

And then FINANCE, everyone needs that to achieve certain ideas, goals, plans and dreams for their businesses. #winks

What is your greatest need as an entrepreneur right now? 

Hmmm, My greatest need right now is more FINANCE and the right staffs. #smiles

In one sentence,  advise a woman your age who wants to start a business for the first time.

Don’t be scared to launch out and pursue your dreams, start with what you have, that liittle will become Big/much one-day.

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