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Hi learners. Let’s talk about Digital marketing! So many clients, especially the older women in their 40s and 50s usually have absolutely no clue what to do when it comes to this “online thing” as they call it. But I’m glad to let you know that there isn’t much of a difference between digital and traditional marketing.

Today I want to talk about marketing your why over your what.

Frankly , no one cares about your products or services. All people care about is “what’s in it for me?” “What am I getting from this if I buy it?” In other words, they don’t care about the WHAT, they care about the WHY!


Let’s explain further.

Your what are the features your products and services have. The d’inscription, composition, characteristics of the  a product or service. The what of a product answers the questions what is it made of? what does it have? what does it do?

On the other hand, the why of a product or service are the  benefits derived from its what. What does the customer stand to gain? Why should the customer part with his/her money?

Let’s take an example:

I sell fitfam exercise games cards. These are it’s features:

1. 30 cards with exercises and their benefits written on them

2. Small pack

3. The cards are labelled A, B, C in increasing intensity.

4. There’s a leaflet containing games the cards can be played with.

5. Its just N2000 for the whole pack of 30 cards.

6. You can use them alone, with friends, or with family.


Let’s talk about it’s benefits next. Remember I said the benefits are derived from the features. Therefore the benefits of @fitfamexercisegames cards are:

1. It helps you get knowledgeably healthy even though you are busy.

2. It’s versatile, giving you 30 different options to choose from.

3. Its portable, can be taken anywhere and used anytime.

4. Its much cheaper than getting a personal trainer, it’s much more fun and entertaining too.

5. You use less time on your workouts.

6. You spend more qualitative time with the ones you love.

Using this example, whenever I want to write a marketing post whether on a blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… About this product, I will make sure I concentrate on the lower 6 points instead of the upper 6.

I’d like you to try this. Pick a particular product or service of yours or another’s if you don’t have yours yet. On a divided sheet of paper, writhe features of that product or service on one side and the benefits on the other.

Please note that a product or service may have several features, but just one benefit. 

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