3 ways to make extra money from your business by going digital.

Did you know that as a business owner who has some years of experience in a particular field you can make money through digital products?

What are digital products?

They are intangible assets, meaning they are not physical products that can be held but they can be shared, downloaded, streamed and so on.

The advantages of having digital products are innumerable and include:

1. Residual income: Take the pain to create it once and keep earning even when you are not actively working.

2. Thought leadership: Creating digital products on a topic shows people how knowledgeable you are about that topic. If it\’s well created, people start respecting your opinion on that topic.

3. Wider reach: There\’s a limit to how many places you can be at or go to but with the internet, there\’s absolutely no limit to where your digital products can go.

Many of us are relying solely on the work we do when actively involved. We are so busy working that we hardly ever have time for what\’s most important to us (for me these will be God, family, friends) because we are busy hustling for money and justifiably so. We need money to function and be relevant to what\’s important to us. Imagine being able to build a church that has a residential area and a vocational center for people who need it, my ultimate dream!

I digress. ?

Let\’s talk about the 3 digital products I have in mind for you today.

1. E-books: An e-book is a very easy way to pass on knowledge, experience, expertise to others in text format. Your ebook can be self hosted on your website, Google drive, via email or hosted on ebook platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Kobo books and the likes.

2. Webinars: A webinar is a seminar conducted online. A webinar is much easier and cheaper to conduct than a seminar and you can host, record and sell the recording of your webinar over and over again.

3. Online course: I recently paid to learn how to build online courses not because I didn\’t know how (hey, I\’m the queen of digital?), but because I wanted to know how to sell out!

An online course is like building a school on your website or on an online course Website like Udemy or Teachable. As Stephanie Obi would say, you would be surprised that people need what you know.

There you have it, 3 digital products you can produce from your present knowledge in less than 90 days from now.

So, which of these products do you currently sell? Which would you like to sell? Let me know in the comment section below.



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