IDEAS for Us Solutions Fund

Application Is Open Until August 10th 2017 at 1PM EDT

The IDEAS for Us Solutions Fund is a micro-granting entity which offers funding for hyper-local, high impact solutions in communities worldwide. The amounts awarded to each project can be any amount up to $1000.00 and the impact of the project must be tracked and measurable.

The Solutions Fund committee is more likely to fund projects which:

  • Can be completed with the amount of money awarded with the grant
  • Can be replicated and scale in size
  • Contribute directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Create a measurable impact, which can be tracked by the team leading the project
  • Can be documented with photos and video


The Solutions Fund committee is not likely to:


There is no upfront cost to apply. All applicants applying to the Solutions Fund will have the application fee temporarily waived during the initial application stage. If a project is selected for funding, the grantees will have to agree to have the application fee of $36.00 subtracted from the total grant amount if they would like to receive funding. They will also receive one-year’s membership for free. Paying members are exempt from any application fees associated with the Solutions Fund. Applicants are not more likely to win if they are paying members. 

To learn more about the fund and to apply, click here.


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