How to use YouTube to increase visibility and sales.

*How to use YouTube to increase visibility and sales.


*Are YOU TUBEless? (Did you get the joke?)

YouTube is a great app owned by Google that allows you to have your own media company on a tight budget. With YouTube, you have freedom to express yourself in videos.


*If you are a regular YouTube video watcher, you will realize that it is easy to get popular when you are consistent.

If your business requires steps, classes, demonstrations then you need to give YouTube a try. But as with other things, don\’t go in without a plan. Trust me, I\’m writing from experience here..


*You should have your goals, step by step plan for at least a season ( yes, treat it like a TV show, it is actually).

This plan should include your content, location, costume special guest list, key partners list and so on. Please note that this doesn\’t have to be fancy. Your location can include your living room, your studio, shop, street etc depending on your goals.


*The good news is you don\’t have to be or need professional videographers to hit it big on YouTube. You can use your phone to set up your channel, make and edit your videos.


*Here are other things you need to put in place to make sales using videos.

1. Be friendly: YouTube is also a social network so be Social. Like videos, drop nice comments, subscribe to other people\’s channels.

2. Create a sales funnel and take your viewers through it

3. Always use calls to action. E.g, watch more here, follow me on Instagram, drop a comment, join my mailing list…

4. Use appropriate and popular keywords

5. Share on your other Social media channels and ask friends and family to share as well.

6. Don\’t make videos only because you want to sell. Make videos you will love, make videos people will love. People buy into what they love. Its been proven that the most popular YouTube videos are either funny, silly or educative. So choose your style.

7. You can also make money by hosting Ads on your videos.


*I\’ll stop here. If you are interested and want to know more about setting up your YouTube channel and goals, click here to book a strategy session in the bio.

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