How to show up on the first page of Google.

Hi there, as a female entrepreneur in Nigeria who recently launched a new business and this new Initiative, She learns here, I understand how imperative it is to get your digital marketing game right. 

There are tons of businesses doing what you do, yes you have your own unique twist, but nobody is going to know that if they can’t find you!

First of all, I want to ask “Do you have a business website?” If no, ahhh! Hurry up and join our DIY WordPress, Canva and Yoast training here. If yes, good for you! Read on now.

 How many times have you gotten a call from a potential client who said “I googled cake bakers in Ibadan and your name came up, then I went to your website and got your number from there?”.

I’m sure many of you are saying “duh! My number is on my Instagram profile”. Dear sis, your Instagram profile may not get you some Calibre of clients. And so you know, millions of people still trust brother G with their lives daily.

Think about it, if your friend needs an information urgently, do you say “ask Instagram”? No, we all say “ask Google”.

Now that I have convinced you that there’s life outside insta country (hopefully, I have). Let’s go on to how to get ranked higher on search engines like Google, yahoosearch, Bing and so on. 

1. Make sure your website, blog, landing page contains information that people need the way they search for it.

2. The more people are talking about your business, the better for you. 

3. Ensure you use the right keywords and metadata on all your pages and articles. There’s more, but I’ll keep it at these 3.

Let me elaborate a little on backlinks. 

You wrote an article on your blog titled “How to bake the moistest red velvet cake” (what’s with me and cake today right?), And you shared it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… People saw the link, visited your website and loved the article. Now someone tries the recipe and writes about her cake tagging your website in her own blog article, another person sees her article and does the same, someone else shares the article to Google plus and it goes on. A chain of links are being formed on that post and if it continues, whenever someone searches for “moist velvet cake recipe”, your article will be one of the first shown.  Now there are rules and all. You can’t go begging people for links, but there are ways you can ensure that your posts are backlinked. We will talk about a few of these at the training as well. So you can also register here. That would be all for now, if you have any questions or comments, please drop a comment below. 

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