How to setup your business profile on Instagram

I see many people using personal accounts as their business pages and on enquiry I realised many women don’t even know that they can have business profiles on Instagram and even connect such to your Facebook page.

 So here’s how to do that.

Create a Facebook page (and Twitter if needed) for your business. Then create an Instagram account in your business name. Go to settings (the icon with 3 dots on the top right corner of your screen), scroll down to Business settings and click on switch to business profile. You will get a welcome to Instagram for business message on your screen. Click continue. You will be prompted to choose a Facebook page.

Now link that Facebook page you created at the beginning. You can also create a new page at this point. Go on and add your business email, phone number and address.

Once saved, these will show as “call, email  and directions” buttons on your Instagram profile.

Now you can post on Instagram and Facebook at the same time, get insights to who your followers are in terms of sex, age range and when they are active on Instagram, you also know how many profile visits you get, how many new followers weekly and lots more.

If you would like a detailed, personal, online training on setting up your Instagram, please send an email to to book a training session.

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