How to manage your time by managing yourself.

One of the areas to watch out for in business management is Time management.

We often say \”time is money\”. When some other resources are lost we can recuperate them, but time cannot be recaptured once wasted. Time is our greatest asset as business owners.

We often say we need to manage out time, but I would rather say we need to manage ourselves first, then our time can be put to good use.

Self management is equal to good time management. Self management is when leaders are able to manage themselves so that they can manage other resources in their business like time, people, money and processes.

How does a leader self manage?

  • Setting smart goals for the day.
  • Creating work schedule
  • Logging and allotting time for tasks.
  • Identifying the real time wasters
  • Learning to delegate duties.
  • Staying focused and accountable.

If you follow these steps and do an appraisal and stock taking of your day, you will discover that little things become the big deals in the long run.

Article by Mrs Tinu Smith

CEO Datina designs and She Learns Here Academy faculty member.

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