How to have Zero followers yet thousands of sales

Look around you. On facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google search, nairaland, naijiagist, LindaIkejis blog… There are problems everywhere. 

Listen: to what people are searching for, asking for, talking about. 

What do they want? What\’s lacking?
Learn: What problem do I have (or can aquire) the skills and passion to solve? What solutions exist to this problem? What are the strengths of these solutions

What are their limitations.

How can I do it better?
Create a solution: 

To properly create a winning product, you have to know who will buy and if they are willing to buy, what amount are they able to pay for your products? -How do you do these? Through surveys. Surveys can be formal as in printed forms, online surveys through apps and social media survey settings or it could be informal through online and offline sampling. 

For example, you ask a group of friends who you think are in the potential customer category some questions about the problem you are trying to solve or you send direct messages to people online asking them about their experience with this particular problem, if they\’ve ever paid to solve it, how much they are willing and able to pay for the solution.

Let\’s stop here today. We\’ll continue tomorrow with the sub topic \”What\’s your battle plan?\”.

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