How can I create content for social media?

Lara booked a digital strategy consultation session this January. She has just started a business that would revolutionize the way local food is consumed by the young and upwardly mobile in Ibadan. She found She learns here on Instagram and after following and being a part of our trainings for about 4 months, she gave us a call. 

She wants us to set up a website with a blog and also set up relevant social media accounts for the business.

After we had discussed, she then asked. “What will I be writing on the blog and on social media?”.

This is one question that keeps coming up in all our digital marketing strategy sessions with female entrepreneurs in Nigeria who want to get online and get exposed to potential clients.

This post aims to give a general answer to the question. An answer that would act as a guide for all business types. Please note however that there are specific things each business may need to consider.

That said, let’s go ahead and shed some light on how you can develop engaging digital media content.

1. Write from passion

2. Write as you would speak

3. Be helpful

4. Be emotional

5. Be brief

6. Use pictures (and videos)

7. Tell stories

1. Write from passion: When you write (or speak) bout what you are passionate about, then it’s easy to find the words to use. For example, I’m passionate about health and wealth for women so when I write, I always have that at the back of my mind. Such that whatever I’m writing should either be able to encourage you towards better health or increased income.

2. Write as you would speak. This is especially important for B2C (Business to customer) businesses. As your reader, I want to feel like you are having a conversation with me. And except you are that law maker whose normal conversation cannot be understood without consulting a dictionary, don’t use vague words, use those that are relatable and simple to comprehend.

3. Be helpful. Not everytime “buy my market”! Let your posts be helpful to the person reading it. Let he/she be able to pick something educative from it.

4. Be emotional. Sound like you are human (you are, aren’t you?) If you are writing about motherhood, write like you understand what mothers go through. If you are writing about governance, write like you know the fears of the leaders and the pains of the followers. Empathize and be relatable.

5. Be brief. Yes I know this is a long post, but it’s for your own good jor! Lol.

The deal is people don’t have time. The fact that they stopped by at your wall or blog post means you are special. So keep them glued with simple and straight to the point content. If the post has to be long like this one, use subtitles, break it down and number each division.

6. Use pictures. It’s a visual world. I want to see something that will attract me to the rest of the post. If possible, use more than one picture to describe what you are talking about. In our sessions, we share information about Websites where you can get free, beautiful, high quality stock photos for your posts. And if photography is a hobby of yours, you can take and use your own pictures.

7. Tell stories. Okay this is the part where I tell you that the story I told you above is actually a combination of 3 or 4 clients stories. But you read it and kept on reading till now.

Stories captivate. People love stories. Real stories, fiction, adaptations and so on. 

I’ll stop here. If you found this helpful, or you have a point to add, you can let us know by dropping a comment. Feel free to share with friends using any of the social buttons below.

Did I forget to say: 8: make it sharable!

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How to write engaging content.

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