Applications are now open for the girls In Digital Technology training program GIDT, by She Learns Here initiative for skills empowerment.

About She Learns Here initiative for skills empowerment

SLH initiative is a registered nonprofit organization in Nigeria. We teach and support women and girls with digital skills in order to improve their earning power and potential. Our programs and projects are geared towards one aim, to empower women and girls with digital skills so that their lives and businesses can be improved. It’s no secret that currently, digital technology accounts for many high-paying jobs and businesses. However, there’s still a huge gender divide in Africa, when it comes to access to technology and technology tools. Women and girls find it more difficult to afford tech tools and also tend to avoid technology because of cultural biases and to avoid discrimination. Hence, many women are stuck in low-paying jobs and businesses.

About GITD

The program aims to support young women to

  1. Improve their self-worth and esteem
  2. Start high-paying jobs or businesses
  3. Have the opportunity to work remotely with their skills

Courses available

  1. Digital photography and editing
  2. Graphic and brand design
  3. Digital Marketing


Successful applicants must be female, aged 18-29 years, living in, or able to be in Ibadan for the 6 weeks duration (for the physical cohort), willing and able to commit to 5 business classes of 2.5 hours each in week 1, and at least 5 hours practical classes weekly for the remaining 5 weeks.

All beneficiaries will be required to work on a project which will be graded as a prerequisite for graduation at the end of the training program.

Preference will be given to young women who are indigent and therefore currently unable to further their education at the tertiary level, and those out of tertiary institution but not gainfully employed.

Application procedure:

Please fill out the application form HERE by, or before 10 pm on Sunday, May 30th, 2023.

Successful applicants will be contacted on Monday, June 9, 2023.