Femmepreneur spotlight: Adeife Abiodun-Adeyemi Of AjowithAdeife

This week, our female in business spotlight is on Adeife Abiodun-Adeyemi. Read on to learn more about the amazing work she is doing.

Tell us about yourself *
I am a work-from-home entrepreneur. I am the Founder of AjowithAdeife. I am passionate about business startups, financial independence for women and women empowerment. I love to teach and design graphics. I am a Christian and I am married with children.
Tell us about your business *
AjowithAdeife is an online financial solutions company that helps you to save with ease through our feasible saving plans that suit your income and financial goals. Our services include : personal savings, group contributions, debt management, investment advisory for women, youth and women empowerment

Why did you become an entrepreneur? *
I became an entrepreneur because of the passion for solving business problems and the love for empowerment
What are your major success stories and challenges so far? *
We have over 200 people from 6 countries in our community presently. We have partnered with 4 NGOs to teach financial literacy and create saving plans for the members of their communities. We have also helped 5 women to manage debts successfully. We currently have an investment club aimed at helping women get access to investment options that can help them plan towards creating passive income and create wealth.

The challenges so far is automation of payments which we are currently working on.

Another challenge is consistent management of our website

You can learn more about the company through the Instagram handle @ajowithadeife or on their website www.ajowithadeife.com

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