Fate foundation agri-business accelerator 

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ScaleUp Lab by FATE Foundation is a unique Accelerator Programme aimed at providing targeted support to early-stage high-potential and growth-driven ventures within the growth sectors of the Nigerian economy namely; Agribusiness, Creatives, Health and Education. 

The objectives of the ScaleUp Lab are:

  • Identify early stage high potential startup entrepreneurs within the target growth sectors (Agribusiness, Creatives, Health and Education) and position them for growth.
  • Improve success rate outcomes of high potential high impact startup businesses in the target sectors.
  • Create opportunities for agriculture startups to scale up and impact domestic productivity levels within their respective value chains while also creating jobs and improving livelihoods.
  • The ScaleUp Lab provides targeted learning, mentoring, business model improvement, access to market and funds support to boost the following areas:

    • Refined business model
    • Improved product lines
    • More efficient operating structures
    • Better skilled entrepreneurs and business teams
    • Access to market and market expansion
    • Access to required funding
    • High growth and scale
    • Increased revenues and profit margin

    Each Sector Track will only select 10 fellows per year. Whether in startup or early stage, your business will benefit from the Scaleup Lab Accelerator Programme by having customized support that meets your needs. Learn more here.

    Click Here to Apply for the Agribusiness Accelerator Programme.

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