We need your help: Donate to the Girls In Digital Technology training program

Why we need you to donate for GIDT program.

Temitope (Not her real name), lost her mum to the dreaded breast cancer, some years back, the same year she got admitted into the university.
Her Dad, then recently retired, spent all his retirement benefits trying to get her to survive the ordeal, unfortunately she didn’t.
Temitope’s dad struggled to get her through school and now she has graduated, waiting for her service year and boom, her Dad had a stroke.
Temitope needs all the money she can get to support herself and her dad. Learning website design and digital marketing will act as an extra source of income for her even while she runs her compulsory one year youth service corps program.

Busola, was incessantly raped by her dad as a 13 year old for over 3 years! A well meaning NGO rescued her and are working on counseling and rehabilitating her.
Busola is a brilliant girl, and she wants to go back to school but for now, she needs a source of income and a self esteem booster.

There are many Temitopes and Busolas around us!

Your donation towards our 6 weeks Girls In Digital Technology training program will go a long way to help us identify, and give them a better life and hope for the future.

Our goal is to raise a total of NGN2,355,000 (approximately $5,000) for project expenses and some capital expenditure like purchase of laptops and other equipment. Please feel free to request a budget breakdown.

To learn more about the program and our first cohort application details, please visit www.shelearnshere.org/gidt

Kindly donate through bit.ly/donatetoslh

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Thank you.