Digital Africa challenge

With Digital Africa, benefit from access to a global network of partners, customers, investors and join a community that brings together the best talents in digital innovation in Africa and Africa!

If we are convinced that digital innovationcan have a decisive impact on the emergence of Africa. 

If you are engaged in an entrepreneurial adventure and you have created an innovative product or service in response to the major challenges of African economies.

If you want to contribute to the digital transition of Africa in a dynamic of open innovation and common good, 

Make your innovation known, accelerate your growth and increase your impact.

Startups African and French, it’s up to you to play!


4 priority themes for sustainable development were identified for the submission of applications. These themes encompass sectors in which digital innovation proves to be a vector of transformation and acceleration of emergence:


Not all territories are equal in access to new technologies. Innovation may be a factor of inclusion and reduce digital divides, distances between business centers and landlocked areas. Solutions can help to alleviate territorial disparities, to better live in the densest areas (smart city) to services in the most remote areas.


Modernization of public action, democratic transition, new media: digital technology allows the expression of new citizenship and a diversity of opinions. It also raises the issue of cybersecurity, transparency and protection of data, their use for public policy and the common good, which are all challenges.


From access to tools, to their mastery through capacity building, and their mobilization to serve new forms of creative expressions, digital revolutionizes modes of learning and professional practices. Unlocking the potential for accelerating digital technologies will only be possible if there is a massive diffusion of skills and new modes of collaboration, expression, favorable to open innovation and creativity.


Want to offer innovative digital technology for the agricultural sector?At the crossroads of meteorology, resource optimization, food security, mapping or geolocation. Do you think you can provide relevant technological answers to the challenges of agriculture today and tomorrow?

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