5 websites that can boost your online presence and sales in Nigeria


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Did I mention that it\’s free? 


If you have downloaded the guide, what did you do with the information? Have you listed your business on Google maps?


In the guide, I mentioned that getting listed on Google maps is not the only way to get online and I\’ll be sharing a series of posts and emails (with subscribers) on other places you can list your business to boost Online visibility and sales.


But before we delve into that, I\’m sensing some of you need more convincing (maybe I\’m psychic ??).



Take a look at the picture above,  how many real wedding planners appeared on that list? If I was really looking to book a wedding planner, I would click on one or two of the directories to make my choice.

Many of the results are of business directories and that\’s why we\’ll be focusing on business directories in Nigeria in this post.

Here\’s a list of 5 websites where you can post your free Business listing in Nigeria.

1. Vconnect

Vconnect is an online platform that helps users hire local professionals for all service needs. From repairing your car to planning your wedding, Vconnect connect you with the right service businesses to get things done.

2. Business list Nigeria

Search for Nigeria Companies in Nigeria Business Directory: Locations, Phone numbers, Emails, Photos and Reviews.

3. Ngex

Find Nigerian government info, Nigerian events, maps, ministers, constitution, facts, newspapers, tax and travel, businesses On NgEX 

4. Nigeria directory 

5. FineLib

Nigeria business directory and search engine with Nigerian local businesses, reviews in all cities and towns in Nigeria.

Of course there are many other sites, I only chose these 5 to show us what can be done.

Posting your business in directories boost your online visibility and search optimization. Be sure to use the right keywords for your business and location when making your listing.

Till next time, stay online!


Do you know any other business directories? Share on a comment below.

You do you know it is possible for a wedding planner to appear on this page right?

How? leave a comment below for more information.


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