Build your tribe 2.

​How to have Zero followers yet thousands of sales.

We are still continuing our series. Today we will be discussing Self hosted blogs and forums.

Did you know that you can have a followership dedicated to you on your website?

If you have a lot to teach/offer and you know your niche, why not use your Social Media accounts to drive traffic to your blog or forum?

Okay, do you even have a website? Let\’s start from there. If yes, then you can make your blog active and invite people to subscribe to your blog.

Keep posts interesting, educative informative to keep people coming back.

You can also incorporate a forum into your website where people are members of your community. They ask and answer questions while you moderate. 

Because your website is yours, you control what goes on in there. You become your own Facebook/Instagram. It becomes easier to sell when you have the power.

So dear lady, give yourself power. If you don\’t have a self hosted website ( not, you can sign up for training to learn how to do so. Please click here.

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On Monday, we will discuss the power of YouTube for business growth.


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