AfricanEntrepreneurship Award ($1m award)

Now Accepting Submissions.

Are you looking for mentoring to launch or grow your business or idea in Africa? Join the journey to receive free, online mentoring from over 400 entrepreneurs, investors and business owners.


New technology, new business model or attempting to solve a problem that’s never been solved before in your region.


Is it durable?

Is it multi-functional?

Is it environmentally sustainable?

Is it low cost?


Promotes integrity, perseverance and friendship to unite communities.


To what extent does it strengthen the economy?

To what extent does it improve health of our youth?

To what extent does it reflect values, especially integrity?


You, the entrepreneur, must meet the following criteria to submit your business proposal:

  • You are a citizen, & over 18 years of age.
  • Your idea or business is a for-profit.
  • You have a strategy for positive social impact.
  • Your idea fits in one of this year’s categories.
  • Your idea is for Africa, or an African country.
  • Your idea or business includes a technological component.
  • To learn more about the award and apply, please visit the official website here.

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