Scale Access to Mobile Solar Genset (MSG)

Mobile Solar Genset (MSG) creates enormous benefits for developing world families. MSG create massive cost savings, allow children to study more, and reduce household fire danger. In three months, sell 15 mobile solar gensets to rural or urban homes and plan to scale to at least 100 homes in one year. A successful model will be evidence-based, will include continuous monitoring and testing, and a commitment to change if evidence suggests your approach is not working.


Your Challenge

We will award up to ₦1 million to a social entrepreneur who can design a business and sell minimum of 15 mobile solar gensets in a three-month proof of concept stage, and who can grow to reach 100 homes within one year.

A successful proposal will include a localized plan that can manage uncertainty, including:

  • A evidence-based approach that can identify the strongest factors limiting solar home systems access, specific to the region in which you will 
  • A model of how and why your intervention will boost use of solar home systems in the long run.
  • A plan for continuous testing and evaluation of the 
  • A commitment to change the plan if the evidence suggests that the approach isn’t working

If this sounds like something you’d like to apply for, please visit the official website here.

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