3 apps to tighten your entrepreneurial game.

Whether you have been an entrepreneur for a while or you are just starting,  these apps will help you become better at what you do.

1.  Skype: We are in the 21st century and you can have a virtual team operating from different parts of the world and communicating through the web.  Skype makes that possible.  With options for audio and multiple video meetings, you can run an international business.
Alternatives : go to meeting,  free conference calls. 

2. Snapseed: if you run a business that requires beautiful pictures for marketing,  try snapseed for picture editing. With several options in terms of filters,  brushes,  healing tools,  perspective corrections,  colour correction and much more. 
Alternatives: light room, photo shop express. 

3. Notebook : this is one app you  don’t have to download as it comes with all smart phones.  Your notebook should be one of your most used apps.  As entrepreneurs,  we have ideas flash through our minds,  thoughts,  and things we want to go back to.  Write them down in your notebook and make it a point of duty to go through your notebook at least every other day.  I even use my notebook to store hashtags for my instagram posts.  So I just copy and paste as relevant. 
Alternatives: evernote, Sticky notes. 

Of course there are so many more apps that you can download for your business. These apps were chosen randomly from the thousands available on App Store and iOS store.  So you can scout for specific apps needed for your business. 

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