Build your tribe!

How to have Zero followers yet thousands of sales ​3 :

Build your tribe!!!

*Have you heard recent tales of people being locked out of their facebook and Instagram accounts? All the followers gone, and they go back to zero level!

Quite unfortunate right?

But you don\’t necessarily have to go back to zero level of you had your own tribe on your own (not borrowed land).

*What does this mean?

You can build your tribe through several options. I\’ll be talking about 2 them :

1. Email list

2. Self hosted Websites, blogs and forums

Email list: *Having people give you their names and email addresses is quite a privilege. You have access to them anytime. You can gist, send tips, thank them, keep in touch also sell to them.

*Lists can be hosted on social media, Websites and landing pages or on the emailing platform itself.

*How to build your list? Offer baits. Let\’s face it, people are attracted to value and …free things ???! So offer us something valuable and free, and we would gladly give you our details.

*There are several apps that can be used to automate your mailing system. The most popular is MailChimp. 

*If you need help with setting up your account, list, and branded campaigns, send a DM or click link in bio ( to book an online digital marketing strategy session.

*So what do you do after you have those details?

Keep in touch but please don\’t spam.

Have a strategy.

Keep offering value in line with your strategy.

After about 5 newsletters, you can now pitch a sale.

Tip: Download your lists from time to time to have a secure backup.


Tomorrow, we would talk about how to build your tribe through self hosted blogs and forums.

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