1,2,3 rule of prioritising.

Good morning ladies. How was the the weekend? Trust we are ready to take on the week.

This week, as you set your digital marketing activities (or any other) goals, be sure to consider sticking to the most important things. Try using the 1,2,3 rule. To make this visual, you can use the goal setting pyramid below.

goal setting pyramid
How to prioritize your goals

Ask yourself, “What’s the single most important thing I need to achieve this week?” Write it down at the top of your agenda.

Next consider, breaking this goal down into  two smaller goals, write them below the first.

And lastly, consider and write down 3 things you ought to do achieve the 2 mini goals.

Take your tasks in that order and if possible, put them in a time box. (Set time limits for each task.)

Have a very productive and profitable week. .

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