10 must have apps for Nigerian women in business 3.

Here\’s the concluding part of our series on some of the mobile apps. If you haven\’t read the first two parts, you can read them here and here.

Let\’s dive into today\’s apps.

7. DU recorder:

This is an app that lets you record your screen and a voiceover while at it. For example, this series will be recorded with the DU recorder and packaged into a short online course soon so that people can see what these apps can do and not only read about them.

8. Pocket book reader:

If like me, you love to read wide and on the go, you will love the pocketbook reader. Its like a Kindle for Android and more. With this app, you can read books and documents in almost any format: PDF, epub, mobi, doc, docx and so on.

It has a beautiful interface that allows you scroll through pages like you are reading a hardcopy book.

9. Google my business: With this app, you can put your business online so that you become \”findable\” in relevant Google searches. This also helps you monitor your reviews that were dropped on your listing. As this app is connected to Google maps, you can set the directions to your business location making your business a digital landmark in your area.

10. WordPress for mobile: With the WordPress mobile app you can post, create and edit pages, check insights and so much more on your WordPress website. This means that you can manage your website right from your phone.

There you have it!

Do you know any other app that can be useful for business? Let\’s know in the comment section below

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