​3 tips for female entrepreneurs by Aramide Abe, Founder @naijastartups.

Aramide Abe, Naija startups

I asked Aramide, prolific blogger and Founder of Naija startups to share 3 tips for female entrepreneurs with me and heres what she had to say:

 1. Be authentic – don’t be ashamed to show vulnerability. Women in today’s business world are understanding that they don’t to be perfect or need a cape to make an impact.  Authenticity is what distinguishes you from everyone else.

2. Network – friends, business contacts, mentors, colleagues are probably your most valuable asset(s). Some women are sitting on a goldmine without knowing it. You are also someone’s valuable asset but they wouldn’t know if they’ve never met you before.

3. Learn – Steve Jobs said “stay hungry, stay foolish.” This is so apt in today’s world.  So much is happening, if you do not keep up to date with news, information and general knowledge, you may be limiting yourself and your potential.

Hope you got something useful? If you have tips you’d like to share, please send an email to hello@shelearnshere.com.

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